Actuaries work in a range of different practice areas:

Life assurance
This is the most traditional area for actuaries to work in. Roles include financial reporting, product development and pricing. Actuaries may also advise on investment strategies, business planning, and strategic risk measurement.


Actuaries advise companies on all aspects of their pension scheme design and structure. They work alongside other professionals and provide actuarial advice.

General insurance
Actuaries work on pricing products such as motor and household insurance, advice on reserves and capital requirements, and may be involved in reinsurance arrangements.

Finance and investment
Actuaries are involved in the day -to -day activity of the capital markets. They advise on investment strategies and long term targets.

Enterprise risk management
This is a new actuarial field. Actuaries are involved in the identification, measuring and monitoring of risks to limit a company's losses. The level of risk taken is analyzed with regard the companies profit expectation.

Health and care
This is a growing area and actuaries are needed both in the private and public sectors. Actuaries may be involved in pricing medical insurance and critical illness contracts or projecting public healthcare costs in the future.

In the reinsurance fields, actuaries can design and price reinsurance and retro-reinsurance sc
hemes, and to establish reserve funds for known claims and future claims and catastrophes.

Management Consulting
This area is suited to actuaries with strong problem - solving skills, who enjoy a variety of work in a multi - disciplinary environment. A role in this area may involve working on large corporate transactions, M&A's and strategic investments.

Central Bank/Financial Regulator and other regulatory Bodies
Actuaries employed in this area ensure that the companies in their region comply with all relevant legislation.

Education, Universities, professional bodies
Actuaries are involved in the development of exam material and the setting and marking of examinations. Actuaries can also work as tutors and lecturers. Within the Professional bodies actuaries work to ensure all members are kept up to date with legislative changes and the organization of CPD events.

Environmental Impact Modeling
An increasingly important aspect in the evaluation of both existing and proposed changes to the environment, habitats, drainage and topography due to main-made or climate changes to the land, air or water.

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Becoming an Actuary?
Even if you have studied an actuarial degree you will still have some exams to complete once you begin work. Combining study, work and a social life can be difficult.
Actuaries work in a range of different areasThere are many different practice areas that actuaries can work in. It is important to choose the right area because the nature of the work is very different for each.
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